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Gastrointestinal situation

 Explore Prodiet's range of gastrointestinal health formulas. Developed to promote digestive balance and the well-being of your gastrointestinal system.


Formulas recommended for the specific needs of patients with kidney disease, providing adequate nutritional support during dialysis treatment.


Nutritionally complete formula developed to meet the specific needs of children at different stages of development for a well-nourished childhood.


Formulas designed to help provide nutritional support for patients undergoing cancer treatment, supplying essential nutrients to strengthen the body during the treatment process.


Prodiet formulas are developed on the basis of scientific evidence and are nutritionally complete, ideal for promoting recovery, health and well-being through food in the hospital environment. 

Healthy ageing

Supplements designed to promote health and well-being in the elderly, providing essential nutrients for maintaining vitality, muscle mass, bone and cognitive health.


A variety of products to meet nutritional needs at home, such as supplements, enteral feeding and special formulas.


Products indicated for people who face swallowing difficulties, also known as dysphagia. Dysphagia requires the search for alternatives that make it easier to swallow food.


Formulas developed to help with glycemic control and nutritional support for patients with diabetes, providing balanced options with slowly absorbed carbohydrates.


Formulas developed to meet nutritional needs in cases of malnutrition, providing essential nutrients to recover and maintain health.

Correlates and Accessories

Prodiet's range of accessories is suitable for patients who use enteral nutrition. These accessories are designed to assist in the safe and effective administration of enteral nutrition, promoting mobility, practicality and quality of life.

Ideal complements

Food supplements for people looking to supplement their daily diet with additional nutrients, whether to meet specific health needs, improve nutritional intake or ensure a balanced diet.


Supplement recommended for those looking for solutions to shorten preoperative fasting, through clear liquids with carbohydrates.


Try Prodiet's range of post-bariatric supplements. Developed to meet your nutritional needs after surgery.

We specialize in Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is more than a choice: it's essential care. Prodiet formulas offer nutritional safety, practicality and represent the best in patient care. Ensure the best in balanced nutrition for different stages of life and promote health and well-being.

Find out where to buy Prodiet

Prodiet is more accessible than ever! Find a distributor near you here.

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Get to know Prodiet Medical Nutrition

Find out more about how Prodiet transforms lives and cares for people in different stages and situations through nutrition, science and innovation.

Areas of activity

Browse the products according to your area of expertise.

Nutritional therapy at home

Find out how Prodiet can help make nutritional therapy at home easier and more welcoming, caring for patients and supporting caregivers. 

Hospital nutritional therapy

Explore how Prodiet simplifies the hospital nutritional routine by providing reliable and innovative solutions for healthcare professionals. Find out more!

Join the team of Prodiet distributors and help transform lives through specialized nutrition. Find out how to become a distributor now!


If you want to know more about how Prodiet Medical Nutrition can help you, we are here to provide advanced nutritional solutions that contribute to well-being and quality of life worldwide.

Prodiet Guide: Make your daily life easier

Explore the innovation and science behind Prodiet products! Download our complete product portfolio and find out more about how we are transforming the healthcare landscape with excellent nutrition. Come with us!

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