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health and well-being for people with specific nutritional needs.

Prodiet: specialists in clinical nutrition

At Prodiet Medical Nutrition, we research, develop and market innovative formulas to promote health and well-being in both home and hospital environments. Committed to excellence in clinical nutrition, our solutions are designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of each patient, regardless of the place of care.

By combining nutrition with cutting-edge technology, our mission is to positively impact the quality of life not only of those who consume our products at home, but also of patients in clinical settings. With a complete line of products in constant evolution, we strengthen stories, relationships and life, contributing to the recovery and maintenance of health in all contexts of nutritional care.

Learn about Prodiet's history

With more than 15 years in the market, we have achieved a solid structure that has allowed us to grow to the point of breaking barriers and becoming something new! The transformations we have brought about during Prodiet's history are represented by the butterfly on our brand. In 2019, we consolidated our foundations and spread our wings to fly even higher, arm in arm with innovation! With it, we explore new ideas, study new ingredients and optimize processes. 


At Prodiet, we believe that everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life. We are committed to providing products and resources that help society as a whole achieve health and well-being goals, enabling them to enjoy a full, active and healthy life. 


We provide food for life.

Reduce process risks.

Communication is the strength of our team.

Quality and food safety are our values.

Monitor all stages.

Growing sustainably to nurture the future.

Comply with current laws, Halal and customer requirements.

Empowering people is essential.

Continuous improvement, always.

Code of ethics and conduct

We strictly follow our code of ethics and conduct. We are committed to complying with current laws, halal requirements and specific customer needs, reducing process risks and monitoring all stages of production. We invest in training our team, because we believe that people are essential, and communication is the strength of our team. 

We nurture life and the future through good practices, striving for continuous improvement in all aspects.


Browse the products according to your area of expertise.


Prodiet is committed to maintaining the supply of Halal products within the religious requirements in accordance with Halal regulations and SHARIA and to keeping the Halal system active within the Food Safety System, respecting its principles and achieving customer satisfaction in the Islamic community.

Our dedication to Halal reflects our commitment to quality, transparency and respect for our customers' beliefs and traditions.

FSSC 2000

FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) is an internationally recognized system that guarantees food safety throughout the production chain. We are FSSC certified, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to food safety management by carefully aligning all our operations with its rigorous standards to ensure compliance with best practices in food safety.

GMP We ensure that your nutrition products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our certifications guarantee that each item complies with regulatory standards, strengthening consumer confidence.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a set of guidelines and procedures established to guarantee the quality and safety of products during their manufacture. In the pursuit of excellence, we adopt strict GMP standards, with strict cleaning and sanitizing standards to ensure a contamination-free production environment at every stage of our production process.


ESG, which represents the Environmental, Social and Governance pillars. By adopting ESG, we are committed to creating value not only for our shareholders, but also for society and the environment as a whole. It is an integral part of our corporate mission and reflects our commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.


The guidelines of our Code of Ethics and Conduct are incorporated and lived by our employees

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