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Try Prodiet's range of post-bariatric supplements. Developed to meet your nutritional needs after surgery.



PROTEINPT WHEY 300g and 15g

Who is Prodiet's range of post-bariatric supplements suitable for?

Prodiet's line of post-bariatric supplements is indicated for people who have undergone bariatric surgery and need specific nutritional support to ensure proper recovery, prevent nutritional deficiencies and promote healthy and sustainable weight loss.

How is post-bariatric supplementation used?

Post-bariatric supplementation is used as part of a personalized nutritional care plan for people who have undergone bariatric surgery.

Supplements are generally consumed as part of the daily diet, following the recommendations of a health professional, such as a doctor or nutritionist.

Post-bariatric supplements are used to supplement the regular diet and ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, which can be impaired due to the anatomical and physiological changes resulting from surgery.

Why is there a need for a line of supplements specifically for post-bariatric surgery?

A specific line of supplements for post-bariatric surgery is necessary because the nutritional needs of nutrients and the ability to tolerate nutritional demands can be altered after bariatric surgery¹,².

These supplements are formulated to meet the specific needs of these patients, providing essential nutrients in forms and quantities that are easily tolerated by the body, helping to prevent nutritional deficiencies and promote healthy recovery and sustainable weight loss.

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