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Supplement recommended for those looking for solutions to shorten preoperative fasting, through clear liquids with carbohydrates.

CARBOCH 400g and 25g

How is preoperative supplementation used?

Preoperative supplementation has been used as part of the nutritional care plan before a surgical procedure, by shortening the fast. Breaking the prolonged surgical fast has been shown to have a positive effect on the organic response to surgical trauma, which means that supplementation helps to improve clinical outcomes, such as shorter hospital stays and less inflammation. Important guidelines propose that fasting be shortened by ingesting clear liquids containing carbohydrates, especially maltodextrin.

Why is abbreviated fasting important before a surgical procedure?

Abbreviated fasting is important to reduce surgical stress, which can worsen the patient's insulin resistance and lead to worse outcomes such as longer hospital stays, greater protein loss and greater inflammation. In addition, abbreviated fasting helps the patient's well-being by reducing anxiety and perceptions of hunger.

Is absolute fasting necessary before surgery?

The long period of perioperative fasting has been studied in recent years. For most elective procedures, fasting from solids for 6 to 8 hours is recommended. However, there are currently indications for shortening this fast by means of liquids containing carbohydrates (maltodextrin). The indications for fasting may vary according to the diagnosis, cases of delayed esophageal/gastric emptying or in emergency procedures, so it should be carried out under the indication and guidance of the doctor and/or nutritionist.

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