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Formulas developed to help with glycemic control and nutritional support for patients with diabetes, providing balanced options with slowly absorbed carbohydrates.

Enterfiber Prebiotic - 5g

DiamaxIG - 200ml and 1L

DiamaxIN - 370g and 740g

Enterfiber - 400g

What is a low glycemic index supplement?

A low glycemic index supplement is one with a specific composition that results in a gradual and controlled increase in blood glucose levels.

These supplements generally contain complex carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed slowly by the body, such as fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids and proteins, which help stabilize blood sugar levels over time.

What are the benefits of specialized formulas for glycemic control?

Specialized formulas for glycemic control offer several benefits, including maintaining blood glucose levels within healthy limits after consumption, preventing glucose spikes after meals, controlling appetite and promoting satiety.

Who can benefit from low glycemic index supplements?

People with diabetes, pre-diabetes or those who want to control their blood sugar levels can benefit from taking low glycemic index supplements. These supplements can be especially useful for those looking for a convenient and effective way to keep their blood sugar stable throughout the day.

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