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The familiar formula now offers added convenience.

The Prodiet launch brings another innovation to enteral nutrition. Carton packages with direct connection to the Enplus feeding tube and Nouriva Connect adapter.

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Enteral nutrition in 3 steps.

With a new concept, Trophic RTH 1L comes ready to connect
to the Enplus feeding tube through the Nouriva Connect adapter.

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Reduce waste, simplify handling, and encourage continuity.

Savings and convenience are the main benefits of the new Trophic RTH 1L (Basic or 1.5). A kit developed by Prodiet Medical Nutrition to simplify the feeding of patients dependent on enteral nutrition.

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A complete nutritional solution!

With high caloric density and low-fat content, the formula has a unique protein mix that strengthens the body.

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The new Trophic RTH 1L comes ready for use
in a carton package, and along with the Nouriva
Connect adapter,
  it's an exclusive product from Prodiet. 

Simply connect the package directly to the
Enplus feeding tube that goes to the infusion pump.

In addition to reducing waste, direct connection
maintains the integrity and sterility of nutrition.