Clinical Conditions: Gastrointestinal /Absorption disorders

Reduction in nutrient breakdown into absorbable byproducts or reduction in nutrient uptake and transport properly digested by the mucosa characterizes a malabsorptive disorder (MD). Signs and symptoms vary from minimum clinical and laboratory changes to more severe symptoms. The most common signs and symptoms are diarrhea and weight loss, however a more complete anamnesis is needed in order to reach a diagnosis.

Malnutrition resulting from insufficient nutrient intake, malabsorption and increase of gastrointestinal losses can worsen the prognosis and reduce immunological competence, aside from increasing the risk of infections.
Adequate nutritional therapy has shown to be effective and can significantly influence the survival of individuals with digestive and absorption difficulties.

Whey protein, L-glutamine and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are found among the nutrients with positive response in such conditions.


  • Peptimax – 400 g
    Peptimax – 400 g