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Muscle mass: how to gain it and not lose it in old age

Muscle mass: how to gain it and not lose it in old age

From the age of 50, the amount of muscle mass in the body decreases by 1% to 2% per year - reaching 3% or more from the age of 60, accelerated by conditions such as a sedentary lifestyle or chronic illnesses. Although a natural part of ageing, this process is linked to physical frailty, falls, exhaustion and even [...]

Do you know how home care works?

Widely used in developed countries, the Home Care service has become an alternative adopted by modern medicine for patients who are stable in their illness. The service stands out because of the closeness between the health professional and the patient. It is the human and emotional touch of these professionals that creates a [...]

Why are older people in good physical and mental health more resistant to the heat?

We are at a time when global climate change is already an accepted and well-established fact among scientists. In addition to this, we also have an ageing population, and this public, according to Hospital Vita geriatrician Dr. Rodolfo Pedrão, is more vulnerable to the successive temperature records recorded around the world in the last [...]

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