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Sweet recipes with Bemmax

  After sharing some delicious savory recipes, now it's time for the sweet ones. Prepare your own and let us know what you think.

Prodiet at Home: feel free to talk to us

  At Prodiet, quality and care go hand in hand. After all, the company believes that clinical nutrition isn't just about feeding the body, it's also responsible for offering full comfort and well-being during the rehabilitation of those who need care. This humanization is in Prodiet's DNA and that's what [...]

APP Guia Prodiet: your new ally in the office

We know how busy the day-to-day life of a nutritionist is. And when it comes to looking after the health of patients who need specific nutrition, attention is doubled and every care is taken. That's why we created the APP Guia Prodiet, which aims to contribute to clinical practice [...]

Childhood Malnutrition - Causes & Treatments

Child malnutrition is a clinical condition that affects children from birth to adolescence. Its cause can be explained by 3 main reasons: imbalance between intake and energy expenditure, increased nutritional losses and increased energy expenditure. According to Caroline Abud Drumond Costa, a nutritionist at QUAN, [...]

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