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Home Enteral Nutrition: what you need to know

In the previous article on our blog, we explained a little about what enteral nutrition is and when it becomes necessary. Basically, it's when the patient can no longer ingest food, or can't consume enough of it in the conventional way, by mouth, and therefore needs to have a feeding tube inserted. And, in certain situations, [...]

Do you know what Enteral Nutrition is?

Get to know the main characteristics of this type of diet Nutrient intake is one of the most important steps in the recovery of those who are debilitated. However, some people are unable or find it difficult to eat entirely by mouth and so do not achieve the necessary nutritional demand required by the body. Enteral nutrition serves [...]

Hydrolyzed rice protein is a great source of protein for the elderly

Did you know that rice, as well as being part of the diet of most Brazilians, is a very rich source of protein? Its hydrolyzed form, i.e. after going through a process in which its proteins are broken down into tiny particles, is easily digested and quickly absorbed. Hydrolyzed rice protein is therefore excellent [...]

Salt is directly linked to excessive fat consumption

How much salt do you consume each day? It may be difficult to measure this, as there are foods that we often don't even realize contain salt. The recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to consume no more than 5 grams of salt a day, or one teaspoonful. However, according to [...]

Why are older people in good physical and mental health more resistant to the heat?

We are at a time when global climate change is already an accepted and well-established fact among scientists. In addition to this, we also have an ageing population, and this public, according to Hospital Vita geriatrician Dr. Rodolfo Pedrão, is more vulnerable to the successive temperature records recorded around the world in the last [...]

Obesidade infantil: causas e complicações

A Obesidade Infantil é considerada o distúrbio nutricional mais comum na infância. Em 1998, a Organização Mundial de Saúde declarou a Obesidade Infantil uma “epidemia global”: mais de 22 milhões de crianças com idade inferior a 5 anos apresentavam excesso de peso ou obesidade franca. Mais de 2/3 destas crianças se tornarão adultos obesos e […]

Preventivo: o melhor controle do HPV

O Papilomavírus Humano, mais conhecido como HPV, é um vírus transmitido sexualmente. Estima-se que 80% da população mundial seja exposta ao vírus ao longo da vida sexual sem ocorrência de problemas associados. Apesar do alto índice de contaminação, contudo, uma minoria das pessoas poderá ter alguma doença relacionada a este vírus, o que inclui desde […]

A importância da amamentação para a prevenção de doenças

Nas últimas décadas, a OMS (Organização Mundial da Saúde) e o Unicef (Fundo das Nações Unidas para a Infância) vêm intensificando o trabalho de sensibilização e informação sobre a importância do aleitamento natural para a saúde de mães e filhos sob o ponto de vista nutricional, imunológico e psicossocial. Esse esforço se concentra principalmente entre […]

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