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5 things you need to know before having bariatric surgery

bariatric surgery-all-you-need-to-know

The significant increase in the number of obese people in recent years has led many of them to seek surgical options for rapid weight loss in order to get rid of their obesity. The main option in these cases has been bariatric surgery, also known as stomach reduction. Unlike what many [...]

Savory recipes with Bemmax

  Nutritionists from the Laboratory of Dietetic Techniques at the ABC Medical School tested and approved some savory recipes using Bemmax. The results were incredible! Now we're sharing them with you.  

What is Dumping Syndrome?

  After bariatric surgery, dietary choices are essential if the patient is to lose weight in a healthy way, losing body fat and gaining muscle mass. Protein-rich foods, protein supplements and physical activity will help you lose weight. Many patients find it difficult to change their eating habits and choose to eat [...]

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery

  Bariatric surgery is an effective alternative treatment for severe cases of obesity. More than 50% of patients who undergo the procedure are women of childbearing age who, in many cases, are unable to get pregnant due to excess weight, which can cause problems that affect ovulation. Among these problems [...]

Clarify your doubts about post-stomach reduction plastic surgery

  When treating severe obesity with bariatric surgery, the patient's quality of life improves due to weight loss. Comorbidities disappear or stabilize, the patient changes their eating habits and lifestyle, social and emotional life are altered, and all these changes occur, [...]

7 mistakes after bariatric surgery

  Bariatric surgery is increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for severe obesity. Brazil is already the second country that performs this type of surgical procedure the most. Immediately after surgery, the patient loses a lot of weight, and this loss lasts from one to two years, depending on [...]

The importance of dietary and lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery

  Obesity is a disease in which several factors are involved, many of which are common in Western societies and are closely linked to the growth in the number of obese people. The increase in food consumption as a result of the range of foods on offer, changes in dietary patterns, most of which are high in calories, a sedentary lifestyle and anxiety, [...]

Bariatric surgery: 6 professionals to help you post-surgery

  Bariatric surgery as a treatment for severe obesity has been on the rise in recent years. However, this decision requires a lot of research and consideration. Obesity is a chronic disease caused by a number of factors: genetics, poor eating habits, psychology, among others. Because it is a chronic and progressive disease, obese patients must be [...]

What you need to know before considering a stomach reduction

Obesity is a chronic disease with no cure, characterized by excess fat in the body. A person is considered obese when they have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than or equal to 30. Obesity is classified as follows: - 20-25 normal weight - 25-30 overweight - 30-35 obesity grade I - [...]

Why does weight gain occur after bariatric surgery?

A few years ago, it was thought that the idea of regaining the weight lost after bariatric surgery was not possible, since the stomach and intestines would be reduced and the weight loss would be permanent. Today, we know that this is not true. Around 15 to 30% of patients who have undergone surgery experience significant weight regain. According to [...]

A new product to meet the nutritional deficiencies of bariatric patients

The figures are worrying: 52% of Brazilians are overweight and, of these, 18% have an indication for bariatric surgery. The surgical technique is considered the most effective tool in the treatment of morbid obesity. However, patients undergoing bariatric surgery are at greater risk of developing nutritional deficiencies due to limited intake and absorption [...]

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