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Blog Prodiet entrevista o presidente do Nead

O Núcleo Nacional das Empresas de Serviços de Atenção Domiciliar (Nead) reúne dezenas de empresas que atuam em assistência domiciliar no Brasil. Em entrevista ao Blog Prodiet, o presidente do Nead, André Minchillo, fala sobre os desafios para a difusão desta prática nos sistema de saúde público e privado. Confira: BP: Qual o panorama atual […]

Home care: challenges and opportunities

Home care in Brazil began to spread more actively in the 1990s and is currently seeking consolidation. Unlike in the United States, where home care became institutionalized in the 1960s as an alternative to reduce costs and hospital infection rates, and is currently included in all [...]

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