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The benefits of a complete, industrialized enteral diet

The industrialized enteral diet is a ready-made, complete formula that is industrially prepared and can be found in two forms: powder and ready-to-eat liquid. Industrialized diets are extremely practical, being easy to prepare, store and administer to the patient. Because they have the ideal consistency for administration through the tube, they reduce the risk of [...]

Continuous Enteral Feeding vs. Intermittent Enteral Feeding

We've talked here about what enteral nutrition is and its importance in supplying nutrients to those who cannot eat in the traditional way, whether in hospital or at home. As we've already pointed out on the blog, enteral nutrition aims to provide all the nutrients that the patient would get from conventional food consumption. Therefore, [...]

Home Enteral Nutrition: Guidelines and care (Part 2)

As we mentioned in our previous article, the enteral diet requires attention. Daily care to aid the patient's recovery. Below are some more guidelines that should be considered during home enteral nutrition therapy. Click here to read the article Home enteral nutrition: Guidelines and care (Part 1) And how to administer medication via the tube? [...]

Home Enteral Nutrition: Guidelines and care (Part 1)

The enteral diet requires attention. Care such as the correct preservation and handling of the formula, hygiene, proper maintenance of the equipment and the administration of the diet are essential to avoid interruptions in treatment and damage to the patient's recovery. With this in mind, we have divided into two articles some of the precautions that should be taken into account during home enteral nutritional therapy. Check out [...]

Home Enteral Nutrition: what you need to know

In the previous article on our blog, we explained a little about what enteral nutrition is and when it becomes necessary. Basically, it's when the patient can no longer ingest food, or can't consume enough of it in the conventional way, by mouth, and therefore needs to have a feeding tube inserted. And, in certain situations, [...]

Do you know what Enteral Nutrition is?

Get to know the main characteristics of this type of diet Nutrient intake is one of the most important steps in the recovery of those who are debilitated. However, some people are unable or find it difficult to eat entirely by mouth and so do not achieve the necessary nutritional demand required by the body. Enteral nutrition serves [...]

Enteral Nutritional Therapy: How caregivers of elderly patients feel about it

With the aim of understanding and describing the points of view and experiences of caregivers of elderly patients treated with Home Enteral Nutrition, a team of researchers from Italy collected the testimony of 30 caregivers (informal and formal) of patients treated by the Clinical Nutrition Service of INRCA (National Institute for the Care of the Elderly), from [...]

Child nutrition: how to make children's diets healthier

Obesity and malnutrition are the main concerns in children's nutrition When it comes to healthy eating for children, there are many difficulties faced by contemporary families. Lack of time and even intimacy with the kitchen and the nutritional world are the main complaints, not least because proper nutrition for children requires time, attention, [...]

Protein is essential for patient recovery at home

The right amount of the nutrient reduces the risk of return to hospital and even mortality Enteral nutritional therapy (ENT) is the strategy most commonly used to prevent or treat malnutrition due to insufficient oral intake and/or increased caloric needs. It is used in patients who are partially or totally unable to maintain the oral route [...]

Do you know the difference between enteral and parenteral nutrition?

Do you know the difference between enteral and parenteral nutrition?

The difference between enteral and parenteral diets: find out what each diet offers Today, we're going to unravel the differences between enteral and parenteral diets, two important forms of food support that can make all the difference to patients' quality of life. In this educational post, we'll explore clearly and positively what [...]

Prodiet at Home: feel free to talk to us

  At Prodiet, quality and care go hand in hand. After all, the company believes that clinical nutrition isn't just about feeding the body, it's also responsible for offering full comfort and well-being during the rehabilitation of those who need care. This humanization is in Prodiet's DNA and that's what [...]

Prodiet has a specific program to encourage the study of enteral nutrition

  It is essential that professionals, whose mission is to preserve and restore the health of the population, are always up to date with innovations in the field. Working in today's job market requires a holistic view of the profession, where professional practice requires the continuous acquisition of knowledge and the development of new skills. For [...]

A nutritionist's account of the challenges faced

Define, plan, organize, supervise and evaluate the patient's nutritional and health care activities. These are important steps in providing effective care for an individual's health. It was through this process that nutritionist and nursing assistant Petrucio Gomes da Silva was able to reverse the grade III malnutrition of [...]

Malnutrition in hemodialysis

Hemodialysis (HD) is an intermittent dialysis therapy. The procedure usually takes place three times a week, for four hours each session. The main nutritional problems are related to the accumulation of metabolites between dialysis sessions and the loss of nutrients during the procedure. The prevalence of malnutrition in these patients is high, and varies between [...]

Nutritional therapy in pediatrics

Child malnutrition is still a reality that is closer than we think, and the numbers are frightening: according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), more than 200,000 children die in the Americas before their fifth birthday as a result of malnutrition. If we bring these figures to Brazil, inside hospitals, [...]

Types of access for enteral nutrition and how they are chosen

The purpose of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) and Enteral Nutrition (EN) is very similar. Both are designed to nourish the patient in order to prevent or treat cases of malnutrition and its complications. PN consists of nutrients that need to go through the processes of digestion and absorption in order to be used by the body. On the other hand, [...]

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