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Dietoterapia nas doenças pediátricas

Você sabia que existem alimentos que podem ser usados como um meio para amenizar ou ainda tratar sintomas de determinadas doenças? O uso destas como tratamento chamamos de Dietoterapia.  Em 2021, a organizadora Lenycia Neri reuniu no livro Dietoterapia nas Doenças Pediátricas (Editora Rubio, 2021) um guia prático para a abordagem da dietoterapia em diversas […]

Glycemic control and diet: a combination that works

Glycemic control and diet: a combination that works

Glycemic control, i.e. monitoring the level of glucose in the blood, is part of the daily routine of all those who seek a healthy life. Combined with a routine of physical exercise and adherence to drug treatment (when indicated by the doctor), it forms the basis of the main recommendations for controlling diabetes. But [...]

Home Enteral Nutrition: Guidelines and care (Part 1)

The enteral diet requires attention. Care such as the correct preservation and handling of the formula, hygiene, proper maintenance of the equipment and the administration of the diet are essential to avoid interruptions in treatment and damage to the patient's recovery. With this in mind, we have divided into two articles some of the precautions that should be taken into account during home enteral nutritional therapy. Check out [...]

Home Enteral Nutrition: what you need to know

In the previous article on our blog, we explained a little about what enteral nutrition is and when it becomes necessary. Basically, it's when the patient can no longer ingest food, or can't consume enough of it in the conventional way, by mouth, and therefore needs to have a feeding tube inserted. And, in certain situations, [...]

Child nutrition: how to make children's diets healthier

Obesity and malnutrition are the main concerns in children's nutrition When it comes to healthy eating for children, there are many difficulties faced by contemporary families. Lack of time and even intimacy with the kitchen and the nutritional world are the main complaints, not least because proper nutrition for children requires time, attention, [...]

Elderly people are more prone to physical frailty

Studies indicate that half of the population over 65 suffers from a loss of muscle mass; the condition becomes even more serious if it is associated with malnutrition Physical frailty is a clinical condition that affects the elderly aged 65 and over, due to a series of factors, most of which result from the [...]

Hydrolyzed rice protein is a great source of protein for the elderly

Did you know that rice, as well as being part of the diet of most Brazilians, is a very rich source of protein? Its hydrolyzed form, i.e. after going through a process in which its proteins are broken down into tiny particles, is easily digested and quickly absorbed. Hydrolyzed rice protein is therefore excellent [...]

Protein is essential for patient recovery at home

The right amount of the nutrient reduces the risk of return to hospital and even mortality Enteral nutritional therapy (ENT) is the strategy most commonly used to prevent or treat malnutrition due to insufficient oral intake and/or increased caloric needs. It is used in patients who are partially or totally unable to maintain the oral route [...]

Salt is directly linked to excessive fat consumption

How much salt do you consume each day? It may be difficult to measure this, as there are foods that we often don't even realize contain salt. The recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to consume no more than 5 grams of salt a day, or one teaspoonful. However, according to [...]

The career and challenges of a clinical nutritionist

A few years ago, no one took as many factors into account before eating as they do today. Avoiding fried foods, cutting down on salt and sugar, avoiding industrialized products, eating the right amount of protein, eating healthy and properly prepared meals. Society is changing, and one of the main aspects is food. In [...]

Ortorexia nervosa, quando comer saúdavel se torna um problema:

A ortorexia nervosa, embora ainda não reconhecida como diagnóstico no manual de psiquiatria, vem se tornando um tema central na discussão de especialistas em distúrbio alimentares. Ela se caracteriza como um comportamento obsessivo patológico pela fixação por saúde alimentar, o que gera desde a limitação da variedade alimentícia até a exclusão de grupos alimentares inteiros, […]

Agricultural cooperatives and food in the world

To celebrate the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Food Day is celebrated on October 16. On this date, more than 180 countries organize activities and mobilize to promote actions to reduce hunger in the world. According to FAO data, 862 million [...]

Healthy eating: the best response to ageing

The world's population is getting older. According to 2011 data from the World Health Organization, the number of people aged 60 and over is around 650 million, and it is estimated that by 2050 it will reach 2 billion individuals worldwide. This trend brings with it major health challenges, according to [...]

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