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Prodiet at Home: feel free to talk to us


At Prodiet, quality and care go hand in hand. After all, the company believes that clinical nutrition is not just about feeding the body, it is also responsible for offering full comfort and well-being during the rehabilitation of those who need care.

This humanization is in Prodiet's DNA and is what motivated the creation of Prodiet at Home, designed to help healthcare professionals and the families of patients who continue their care routine from the comfort of home.

How can Prodiet at Home help family members, caregivers, prescribers and patients?

  • In the dilution calculations of powder products to meet the exact demands of the user;
  • Regarding the correct storage of the product after opening/replacement;
  • In cases of difficulties in controlling the flow of the enteral diet;
  • Helping you find the product, both in a distributor with a physical store and online;
  • Sending more attractive/palatable recipes and ways of preparing them;
  • How it is taken, whether orally, diluted in other liquids or with other foods;
  • Answering prescribers' questions about the products and clarifying many other doubts that may arise during the process of using enteral nutrition.

What contribution does this channel make to home care professionals?

  • Assisting with dilution calculations to meet the patient's exact requirements;
  • Clarifying the differences between products in terms of nutritional composition;
  • And any other questions you may have.

The service is differentiated and immediate

The Prodiet em Casa team is made up of professionals who specialize in home-based clinical nutrition. The service is humanized, without losing objectivity and effectiveness, whether it's simple or requires greater technical complexity. It's an immediate service, with scheduled returns to follow up with the client and which is available through multi-channels: telephone, email, WhatsApp, chat and Facebook .


Phone: 0800 702 8845 from Monday to Friday.


WhatsApp: (41) 9863-2224


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