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World Kidney Day

According to the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN), around 10 million Brazilians suffer from kidney dysfunction. Without an accurate diagnosis, many patients die without even having access to dialysis, the main treatment for advanced-stage disease. On World Kidney Day, celebrated today (March 14), the SBN reinforces the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. With the theme Stop damaging your kidney, the organization is coordinating early outreach to the population throughout Brazil, with tests and the distribution of information material.

According to nephrologist Daniel Rinaldi dos Santos, president of the SBN and adjunct professor at the ABC Medical School in São Paulo, chronic kidney disease is characterized by the slow and progressive loss of kidney function and manifests itself late in life, when there has already been more than 70% damage to the kidneys. The signs and symptoms are non-specific, such as general malaise, pale skin, increased urination, swelling in the lower limbs and blood pressure that is difficult to control. However, chronic kidney disease can be easily diagnosed through a urine test and creatinine blood test, and can be effectively treated, slowing down the progression of the disease and reducing the number of deaths, he says.

Alert According to the nephrologist, we cannot continue to experience a reality in which around 75% of patients who start dialysis already have severely compromised kidneys. The fundamental role of this World Kidney Day is to guide the population and make the medical profession and our managers aware of the importance of preventing kidney disease and diagnosing it early, he sums up.

Diet - As most cases of kidney problems are linked to diseases related to bad eating habits such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, diet is directly related to kidney health. According to the doctor, a diet rich in salt, protein and fat, especially red meat, can be aggressive both for healthy people and those who already have kidney disease.

The kidneys are the body's great filters. Any excess substance can affect them in the long term. The ideal diet is low in fat, with little red meat, a low glucose index and lots of fiber, he says. The doctor also warns that in patients with very advanced loss of kidney function, the diet needs to be even more restrictive. Fruits and vegetables should be cooked to reduce the amount of potassium and under no circumstances should star fruit be eaten, as it contains toxic substances for those whose kidneys are already compromised.



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