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Covid and diabetes: extra attention needed

Diabetics are part of the Covid-19 risk group. This is because, once infected, they have a greater chance of developing the severe form of the disease. The explanation lies in the changes in the immune system caused by excess sugar in the blood. Find out what to worry about and what to do to avoid complications.

covid and diabetes

Why risk groups?

Diabetics have an immune system with increased reactivity, a condition that increases the chances of pulmonary complications caused by Covid-19. At the same time, due to the metabolic imbalance, they have a reduced immune response to the virus. In addition, a state of hypercoagulability makes them more prone to thromboembolisms.

In addition to these factors, diabetics tend, over time, to have alterations in organs such as the kidneys and heart, and to develop conditions such as hypertension and obesity, which contribute to worsening the disease.


Points of attention

In addition to the symptoms, diabetic patients who have contracted Covid-19 are also at greater risk of metabolic decompensation while trying to self-manage their diabetes at home, which is why it is important:

  • Monitor glucose levels with extra attention, because the body, as a natural response to illness, needs more energy and reacts by releasing hormones that hinder the action of insulin, produced by the body or administered subcutaneously, and increases the production of sugar by the liver;
  • Ensure increased supplies of medication and monitoring in case the treatment routine is adjusted;
  • Maintain an adequate diet, promoting hydration and the correct intake of carbohydrates, in order to avoid hypoglycemia and maintain the stipulated blood glucose target;
  • Seek medical help in cases of repeated vomiting for more than two hours and high blood sugar for more than 24 hours, as well as worsening Covid-19 symptoms such as shortness of breath and high fever.

Are you diabetic and have you contracted Covid? What was it like?

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