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Industrialized or homemade enteral diets: which one to choose

In the journey of clinical nutrition, a crucial decision faces health professionals, patients and caregivers: whether to opt for industrialized or artisanal enteral diets. Each approach has its own nuances, considerations and specific benefits, and it is essential to thoroughly understand the implications of each choice. In this article, as a thorough guide by a professor [...]

Understand the objectives of fiber in enteral nutrition

  As we've talked about before here on the Prodiet blog, enteral nutrition is a fundamental part of caring for patients who, for various reasons, are unable to eat conventionally. Whether due to swallowing problems, diseases that affect nutrient absorption or specific needs, enteral nutrition plays a vital role [...]

Dietary supplements for the elderly: which ones are recommended

Ageing is a natural part of life, and each stage brings with it unique challenges and needs, especially when it comes to nutrition. As we age, our bodies go through changes that affect the way we absorb and utilize nutrients from food. It is therefore crucial that the elderly receive the nutritional attention [...]

Nutritional deficiencies among the elderly and their impact

The natural aging process brings with it a number of challenges, and nutrition is a critical component that deserves to be highlighted. As we age, our bodies undergo changes that affect the way we absorb and utilize essential nutrients. Consequently, nutritional deficiencies become a frequent concern among the elderly, with a number of [...]

Nutritional Assessment: what it is, how it's done and the main stages

Nutritional assessment is an essential tool in the field of health and nutrition, playing a crucial role in understanding an individual's physical condition, health and nutritional needs. In this article, we will explore what nutritional assessment is, how it is carried out and the main steps involved in this fundamental process. If you are a healthcare professional, patient [...]

What choline is good for and its benefits for the body


Have you ever wondered what choline is good for? When it comes to health, from time to time certain names come to the fore, whether it's vitamin C, iron, green juice, Ora-pro-nóbis... It's common for a vitamin, food, nutrient or even a product to be on the rise and related to health. But [...]

Summer tips: choices that give you energy and fit in your bag

Imagine you decided to practice your favorite sport outdoors, what would you take with you? From water for hydration to specific equipment for the possibility of practicing, there are things that can't be left out. To help you on your adventure, we've put together some summer tips that will give you a boost [...]

Lack of appetite in children: "My child won't eat, what now?"

On this World Food Day, we're going to talk about a subject that is a top complaint in pediatricians' offices: a child's lack of appetite. It's so common that it has appeared in a multitude of books by nutrition professionals who spare no expense when it comes to getting around the issue. After all, it's not an easy task and [...]

Child nutrition: when it's time to see a nutritionist

Child nutrition: when it's time to see a nutritionist

Childhood is a decisive moment in the development of eating habits, with consequences that last a lifetime. However, data on the diet of children around the world points to the new face of malnutrition - which is no longer just malnutrition, but also the growing number [...]

Fiber-rich foods and their health benefits

Fiber-rich foods and their health benefits

The list of benefits of consuming fiber is long: in addition to digestive health, a balanced diet of this type of vegetable carbohydrate is linked to lower cholesterol levels, a lower incidence of cancer, diabetes control and regulation of the intestinal microbiota. Despite this, Brazilians still have a low frequency of [...]

Muscle mass and whey protein: how to boost results

Muscle mass: does whey protein really help you gain it?

Whey protein, a protein food supplement obtained from milk, is constantly associated with bodybuilding and high physical performance. But is gaining muscle mass really dependent on its consumption? According to nutritionist and sports nutrition specialist Juliana Pegorer, whey protein should be consumed strategically and can be [...]

Glycemic control and diet: a combination that works

Glycemic control and diet: a combination that works

Glycemic control, i.e. monitoring the level of glucose in the blood, is part of the daily routine of all those who seek a healthy life. Combined with a routine of physical exercise and adherence to drug treatment (when indicated by the doctor), it forms the basis of the main recommendations for controlling diabetes. But [...]

Demystifying carbohydrates: 5 facts you need to know

Demystifying carbohydrates: 4 facts you need to know

Along with proteins and fats, carbohydrates are one of the three main food groups. And although they are constantly linked to the global obesity epidemic, they are one of the key points of good nutrition, did you know? Here are five facts that will help you demystify carbohydrates. #1 It's our main source of energy [...]

Dietary fibers: why include them in your diet

Dietary fibers: why include them in your diet

A diet rich in fiber is constantly associated with good digestive function. But its value doesn't stop there: the consumption of dietary fiber is also linked to lower cholesterol levels, a lower incidence of cancer, diabetes control and the regulation of intestinal microbiota. Despite the long list of benefits, low [...]

Elderly people are more prone to physical frailty

Studies indicate that half of the population over 65 suffers from a loss of muscle mass; the condition becomes even more serious if it is associated with malnutrition Physical frailty is a clinical condition that affects the elderly aged 65 and over, due to a series of factors, most of which result from the [...]

High temperatures can reduce energy and appetite in summer

Hydration, light physical activity and oral supplementation are recommended by specialists to avoid this condition There are those who love it and those who hate it. But in general, summer is a beloved and much-anticipated season for fans of beaches and outdoor sports. However, even for fans of the hottest season of the year, it also [...]

The importance of adherence to Nutritional Therapy

Understand why Immax is the choice of many nutritionists across the country The prescription of Nutritional Therapy (NT) by a nutritionist involves several factors. One of the most important factors is the patient's clinical condition. When there is a disease that compromises the absorption and use of nutrients in the body, intervention [...]

Do you know the benefits of hydrolyzed rice protein?

Hydrolyzed rice protein: a nutritionist explains why it is considered an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers, vegans, the elderly and athletes. We've talked several times on our blog about the importance of adequate intake of all macronutrients, especially protein, a very important nutrient to avoid malnutrition, a condition that can aggravate the clinical [...]

Do you need to reduce your daily salt intake? Find out how!

According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the Brazilian population consumes twice the recommended amount of salt. According to a study carried out by the institute, there is a daily consumption ranging from 9.7g to 13.8g of sodium per inhabitant, when the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is only [...]

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