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The importance of physiotherapists in home therapy

Rehabilitation doctors. This is what physiotherapists were known as in the 1930s, when the profession was taking its first steps. Professional regulation came 40 years later, with a presidential decree on October 13, 1969, a date remembered annually as Physiotherapist's Day.

Although relatively new in Brazil, physiotherapy has already established its importance in multidisciplinary teams, both in hospital and in home care. Physiotherapists are professionals responsible for looking after the biomechanics and functionality of the human body.

In home care teams, the physiotherapist devises exercises to restore movements and functions that have been compromised after an illness or accident. They are also responsible for making spatial adaptations, adapting the home environment to the patient's needs. As a result, long-term bedridden patients, wheelchair users, stroke victims and many others rely on physiotherapists to minimize the motor limitations caused by their illnesses.

A member of the Núcleo de Atendimento da Saúde da Família (Nafs) team from the municipalities of Contagem and Ribeirão das Neves (MG), physiotherapist Dalila Dumont stresses the importance of joint and harmonious action between professionals from different specialties: I recently visited a child with cerebral palsy, but she was so malnourished that it would have been necessary for a nutrition professional to intervene before starting the physiotherapy work. As in the hospital, we need to be in constant discussion for home treatment to work well, he concludes.

Dalila believes that public health still has limitations when it comes to providing the ideal home treatment, but the dedication of the teams overcomes the barriers: "We know that in order to take care of your health, you have to adapt to the working conditions and the patients," she says.


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