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The importance of nutritional supplementation for dialysis patients

Several factors can lead to chronic kidney disease. It is known that once it is established, it leads to a progressive loss of kidney function, up to the need for dialysis. When a person has chronic kidney disease, the kidneys are unable to properly eliminate the remains of digested food and, in this situation, dietary guidelines should be taken into account.

A correct diet is essential for successful treatment, in addition to monitoring the patient with a specialized professional. Professionals in the field recommend that specialized formulas are preferred for HD patients. However, their indication depends on the input received by the specialized NT and the amount of food ingested, if any. Regardless of the type of formula used, plasma phosphorus and potassium concentrations and interdialytic weight gain should be monitored regularly during NT.

With regard to the nutritional assessment of patients undergoing Nutritional Therapy in Chronic Hemodialysis, there is a very important study carried out by leading professionals in the field and which was supported by the Brazilian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition together with the Brazilian Association of Nutrology. Experimental and observational studies found in the study in question aimed to provide nutritionists with an overview of the nutritional approach to patients undergoing hemodialysis treatment, based on the available scientific evidence:


Food is health. Always ask your nutritionist any questions you may have. Keep up to date with your test results and take an active part in your treatment.

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Research Source:

Brazilian Society of Nephrology 

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