Energizyp® is a high-calorie and protein oral nutrition supplemented with vitamins and minerals essential for nutritional recovery. Ideal for consumption orally to complement the daily diet of a healthy or sick person, in cases where intake from conventional food is insufficient, or when the diet requires supplementation. Energizyp® is compared to formulas as Ensure Plus®.



Prodiet Clinical Nutrition

Ensure Plus


  Energyzip - Prodiet Clinical Nutrition Ensure Plus - Abbott
Caloric density cal/ml 1.5 1.5
Caloric distribution PT 15%
CH 55%
FAT 30%
PT 16,7%
CH 53,8%
FAT 29,5%
PT Source 55% Calcium Caseinate
30% Soy Protein Isolate
15% Whey Protein Isolate
66,5% Sodium Caseinate
21% Milk Protein Isolate
12,5% Soy Protein Isolate
CH Source 71% Maltodextrin
29% Sucrose
87% Corn syrup
13% Sucrose
Fibers Free Free
FAT Source 66% Canola oil
34% Corn Oil
38,5% High oleic Sunflower Oil
38,5% Canola oil
19,5% Corn Oil
3,5% Lecithin
Lipid profile Saturated fatty acids: 3%
Monounsaturated fatty acids: 14%
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 13%
Saturated fatty acids: 2,7%
Monounsaturated fatty acids: 17,5%
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 7,8%
Vitamin C mg/200ml 38 mg 24 mg
Selenium µg/200 ml 28 mcg 17 mcg
Zinc mg/200 ml 4,2 mg 3.2 mg
Packaging 200ml 200 ml
Flavor Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry> Vanilla and Chocolate

Disclaimer: all data was collected from advertising material available to public.

* Exclusive Mix Protein. Calcium caseinate supplements profile of amino acids; Soy Protein Isolate has a protective effect on the kidneys and Whey Protein Isolate improves gastric emptying, gastrointestinal comfort, raises levels of circulating amino acids and increases nitrogen retention.

* Energyzip is enriched with antioxident nutrients (vitamin C, selenium and zinc associated with delicious flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry!

* Antioxidants such as Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C play a very important role in nutritional risk conditions, cachexia, cancer, AIDS and bedsore They are envolved in reduction of oxidative stress and improvement of immune response; collagen synthesis in healing process, activation of macrophages and leukocytes in case of a wound. Protein is also essential in all this situations, it is fundamental in the response to infection and injury.
Energyzip contains 80% of Recommended Daily Intake for Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C and an association of proteins of high quality and digestibility.